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Welcome to Hut Recordings!

Nestled in a woodland glade, at the heart of the New Forest, Hut Recordings is an inspiring and well equipped music production space filled with natural light and situated on a beautiful 4 acre homestead. 

 With tea and coffee permanently on the go, a huge sofa to relax on and surrounded by trees, this is a perfect one-stop space to relax and write, record, mix, produce and master your music. Whether it's for a single song or an entire album, 

we are here to transform your ideas into the sonic reality they deserve. Running the studio is songwriter, producer and DJ Dan Marshall who is on hand to assist with all or any part of the writing/recording process.

He has produced tracks with Sophie Barker (Zero 7), The Egg (David Guetta) and Adams Betts (Square Pusher/Goldie)and is currently working on his debut EP as well as gearing up for a Debut show at Boomtown Fair this August. 





Create and capture your sounds with an experienced and enthusiastic professional in an uncommonly inspiring work-space. 

You'll be surrounded by trees and woodland while using industry standard pre-amps/mics, mixed through a dedicated 2.1 digital monitoring system for accurate reference of music covering all frequencies and genres.

We have a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere here,

so contact us to set up a date  for your session today and we'll get the kettle on!

Featured works:

Whether it's studio stems in need of a big production or a recorded gig which needs mixing into a live album,

we will get the best out of your music.

Mixed tracks

Whether your work needs mastering to 0db at maximum loudness, a  more dynamic natural approach, or rendered for use in TV/Film, we are here to get all your sounds in the best shape for optimal playback on all platforms.

You can send us your files for a quick and efficient turnaround, or book a sit in session and relax on a sofa amongst woodland!
Contact us to find out more about our mastering rates and availabilities.

 Comparisons before & after mastering


Hut Recordings Equipment

Hut Recordings has a constantly growing list of equipment so check back for new additions!  


Audient ASP880 and ID22 pre-amp interfaces 


Cubase with complete Waves plugins, Izotope Ozone 9 mastering software, Soundtoys, Altiverb, EastWest Symphonic orchestra, Battery 4, Komplete 9, Kontakt 5 and a range of synths including Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Full Arturia collection and many more.

Ableton live 9 (with Max for live essentials) 

AKG C414, Audix SCX25A, Rode NT1, SE electronics X1, Akg C1000, Shure Sm57, AKG D5, Audio Technica ATR25.


AVI Adm9.1 reference monitoring system and AudioPro T3


Laney VC 100 four channel tube amp capable of clean to scream

& everything in between.

Fender Twin reverb & Sessionette 75


Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah, Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeller

Boss super overdrive, EQ, Super Octave 0C3 & Tuner

Roland RC-30 Looper, Digitech Bass Synth,LR Baggs P.Graphic EQ

ALSO- Technics SL-1210 turntable, Yamaha YTS 52 Tenor Saxophone, Lead tuned Djembe, Ludwig 400 snare, Natal fibreglass moulded bongos, 88 key fully weighted key board controller, Novation launchkey mk2, APC40, Hohner chromatic mouth organ and an array of random percussion bits from around the world too much to list here!

Tel: 01425 628859

Hut Recordings, Ossemsley, New Forest, Hants. 


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Message/phone us here to chat about your project and book your session.

Tel: 01425 628859